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              Where We Are

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              Main Centre
              3 Lions Road
              Dutton, Ontario
              N0L 1J0
              (519) 762-2399

              School Age Program

              Our mission is to provide inclusive, high quality child care programs, educational learning experiences and family resources in collaboration with area partners to help build a healthy community.

              The Dutton Co-Operative Child Care Centre Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 21, 2019 at 7pm.  This year we have vacancies on the Board.

              CLICK HERE FOR A VOLUNTEER BOARD MEMBER APPLICATION   Applications due by April 26th

              The Dutton Co-Operative Child Care Centre is a licensed child care centre located in the beautiful, rural community of Dutton/Dunwich. Because we are the only licensed child care centre in the area, we provide child care to the Municipality of West Elgin, Dutton-Dunwich and the surrounding communities.  

              Check us out on Facebook.